Some Completed Projects

FATU inc. kitchen remodel The client dreamt of a vintage kitchen feel. The custom teak woodwork contrasts the relaxing subway tiles. The floor has a subtle floral design that brought our eyes back in time. The retro fridge adds a touch of color and charm.
Kitchens by FATU inc. We built this cozy kitchen with copper river-rock backsplash and quartz counters. The deep chocolate wood stain makes the cabinets feel ultra warm while cooking on a cold winter day.
FATU inc. Modern Bathroom This midtown bathroom features modern touches such as LED under-cabinet lights, outlets inside an automated sliding vanity, full wall mirrors hiding a wall-to-wall and top-to-bottom medicine cabinet. The rough river rock stone on the floor contrasts the sharp angle cut glass tiles on the shower wall.
FATU inc. General Construction We create custom solutions to intricate building requirements while making spaces more functional. In this stairway to the roof of a penthouse, we knocked out the dividing wall, then custom installed the cable rail system to fit around the remaining frame.
Bathrooms by FATU inc. We built this bathroom in the designer’s vision of a classic warm color with modern amenities.
FATU inc. 3D Construction Renderings At clients' request, we create 3D renderings of spaces, like this kitchen we planned. This would give you the visual opportunity of seeing your project live and making adjustments before construction starts.
FATU inc. Construction

Before and after of a small bathroom remodel. All new carerra marble up to the ceiling with lovely detailed work.